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Trustworthy Freedom Fighter

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 30, 2007 5:05 pm    Post subject: JOHN RUSKIN AND THE BRITISH ROUNDTABLE Reply with quote


John D. Christian from New Zealand is the Author of the Book: "The Hidden Secrets of the Alpha Course".


The American author, Joan Veon, has written two brilliantly researched books exposing British control of the Communist United Nations organization and global financial system. Her first book, Prince Charles: The Sustainable Prince – Who Will Rule The New World Order? documents how Prince Charles, as president of the Prince of Wales International Business Leaders Forum ((( Now: International Business Leader Forum;, HAVE PLEASE A LOOK WHO ARE THE SUPPORTERS: ))) controls virtually every major bank and corporation on earth. This includes the worlds’ environmental agencies, Club of Rome, IMF, and World Bank.
Her stunning book reveals the Prince’s influence and control over the world environment movement, sustainable development, global governance, multi-national – transnational corporations and various UN agencies. Prince Charles is not the person the British controlled global media portray him to be.
Joan’s second book, The United Nations Global Straightjacket, documents how British Fabian Socialists/Communists following the teachings and plans of John Ruskin and Cecil Rhodes have created the United Nations Organization. She explains in depth how the British oligarchy control the UN with other key global agencies such as the Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, IMF, World Bank, and Bank for International Settlements that have been set up to bring in their dictatorial, Fascist, New World Order world government.

[Joan’s website is:]

On page 68 of her revealing book, The United Nations Global Straightjacket, Joan writes:
“During his life, Cecil Rhodes was greatly influenced by his mentor, socialist John Ruskin (on whose grave is the swastika, the symbol of the Thule Society to which Hitler belonged) (Cuddy, 3). Ruskin was one of Rhodes’ professors at Oxford University. Over 60 years later, another student of world government – a Rhodes scholar by the name of William Jefferson Clinton – would give credit in his first inaugural address to his mentor, Professor Carroll Quigley from Georgetown University, who was one of the people responsible for his appointment as a Rhodes Scholar.”
John Ruskin and Cecil Rhodes were the “founding fathers” of British Fabian Socialist/ Communist globalism. Indeed, they were the founding fathers of modern world Fascism. Socialism was born in London, Oxford and Cambridge.

John Ruskin, Westcott & Hort, H. P. Blavatsky and Annie Besant

Bishops Westcott and Hort, who produced the Westcott and Hort Text underlying all modern New Age Communist bibles, like Cecil Rhodes, got much of their “Nazi/Communist” socialism from John Ruskin. The following is what Bishop Westcott said about Ruskin in a letter to the Rev. J. L. Davies, 20 January 1900:
“…The aspect of Ruskin’s character on which you dwell is of very great interest. The sentence which seems to me to sum up his later teachings, “There is no wealth but life,” is another side of it. All my reading of him is less than 10 years old, but he has been one of my best teachers since I came to the North …” (Life and Letters of Brook Foss Westcott, Volume 2, by Arthur Westcott, p.312).
The liberal churchman, Dean Stanley of Westminster, was a close friend and contemporary of Westcott and Hort. (Stanley was a leading figure on Westcott and Hort’s Old and New Testament Revised Version Committees.) He was buried in 1881 among the kings and queens in Westminster Abbey in the Henry VII Chapel near the tomb of the monarch himself. In a book about him entitled Dean Stanley of Westminster by Peter Hammond, p.199, the author has this to say:
“On his return from Russia, Stanley, though now somewhat circumscribed in his activities by the need to attend to his ailing wife, continued to speak, to lecture and to argue. In April 1874, six weeks after their return, Mrs Annie Besant knocked on the deanery door to request that he might bring the sacrament to her dying mother, who wished this but refused to receive unless her daughter received with her. By this time Annie Besant was separated from her husband … had lost her belief in Christ and was well on the way to atheism, so that, not surprisingly, two clergymen had already rejected her request … Stanley, therefore, suggested that he call on her mother at Brompton that afternoon, which he did and where he spent half-an-hour, and he returned the next day to celebrate the communion, no doubt taking the view that in those circumstances the needs of the mother outweighed the views of Mrs Besant. Her mother died two days later and was buried in Kensal Green Cemetery. Annie Besant went on to campaign for Theosophy, systematizing and developing Madame Blavatsky’s speculation on the mystics of the east, but she retained a respect for Stanley whose views, broad as they were, could hardly have stretched so far as to cover her later beliefs.”
Interestingly, the Theosophical Society was founded in New York City the following year, in 1875, by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Henry S. Alcott, William Q. Judge and several others. The society went back to the Neo-Platonist/Gnostic philosophers of Alexandria in Egypt for the name and aims of the Society (taught by John Ruskin). The quintessence of religious thought gathered from India, Egypt, Babylon, Palestine and Greece was in the first centuries A.D. called ‘Theosophia’ meaning ‘divine wisdom’ by the Neo-Platonists.
In 1885 H.P. Blavatsky completed her Luciferian book, The Secret Doctrine, and it appeared in 1888 in two large volumes. This book is considered the most important Theosophical book ever written by Blavatsky. Hitler followed its occult teachings and kept a copy by his bedside. Blavatsky died in London in 1891.
The emblem of the Theosophical Society is a serpent biting its tail, a Star of David hexagram, an Egyptian Tau, a reverse Nazi swastika, and the Sanskrit letters of the occult sacred word ‘AUM’. Theosophists claim that the Nazi swastika on the emblem represents the Holy Spirit and the sacred word ‘AUM’ represents the Trinity. The Society publishes a bi-monthly magazine called Sunrise, a name that is synonymous of those who worship the sun.
Interestingly, John Ruskin’s gravestone at Coniston in Britain has a Nazi swastika on it surrounded by a circle representing a serpent biting its tail. It also has an intricate carving of a sunrise carved on it!
Annie Besant’s mother was living in Brompton. Could there be some connection between the ‘Holy Spirit’ at Holy Trinity Brompton, the Alpha course, and the Neo-Platonist Gnosticism taught by devious characters like John Ruskin, Annie Besant and H.P. Blavatsky? There is of course, and this important question will be answered later in much greater detail in chapter fifteen, How the Babylonian Eucharist became the Star of Lucifer.

John Ruskin (1819 – 1900)
John Ruskin, the famous English occultist, art critic, writer and socialist reformer was born in London. His writings include, the first volume of his Modern Painters, mainly in defense of the painter Turner and his art, which appeared in 1843 and soon extended to five considerable volumes, followed in 1849 by the Seven Lamps of Architecture; this was followed in 1851 by the Stones of Venice. In 1862 he published Unto This Last, on the first principles of political economy, the doctrines in which were further expounded in Munera Pulveris, Time and Tide and Fors Clavigera.
From 1869 to 1879, and again from 1883 to 1884, he was professor of fine art at Oxford University. The story of his life is told in part in his unfinished Praeterita. His gravestone at Coniston where he is buried characterizes his pagan beliefs. The stone was designed by W.E. Collingwood (1854-1932), a student of his and his secretary.
The chief symbols cut into his gravestone are these: A Maltese Cross (symbol of the Babylonian sun-god and Order of Knights Templar) inside which is a circle (representing a serpent biting its tail) surrounding a Nazi swastika, a rider riding a horse (actually depicting St. George on his white horse, or King Arthur), a Jewish seven branched candelabrum, a winged lion (from Babylon – symbol of the mother-earth goddess, Ishtar), a student with pen and paper seated while writing before a sunrise, an elaborate arrangement of various Celtic triscele symbols, and three men representing the three principal officers of the Masonic Lodge in which he was a member.
Although not widely recognized, in the opinion of this author, John Ruskin’s “Gnostic/Fascist/Nazi/Communist” Luciferian teachings have had more impact on the last hundred years or so than any other modern author in the world.
As a devout Freemason, Ruskin derived many of his occult beliefs directly from Plato. Ruskin was devoted to the creation of a master/slave society based upon the principles of eugenics largely derived from Plato’s Republic (Malthusian Eugenics is the socialist philosophy of depopulation through the planned reduction of inferior races).
Ruskin envisaged a race of “human thoroughbreds” led by a British socialist elite ruling class, whose sole purpose was ultimately to dominate, own and rule the world under a globalist government using the British Commonwealth of Nations structure as their preferred model.
Malthusian ‘Darwinism’ population control techniques, (which include the deliberate neglect of populations or killing off undesirable populations or ‘useless eaters’), were practiced by National Socialism (Nazism) in Germany and International Socialism in Marxist Russia. This philosophy is now once again being followed by the Marxist/Fabian Socialist/Fascist oligarchy that fund and run the United Nations Organization and European Union.

Cecil Rhodes, Milner and “King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table”

Ruskin was a powerful and eloquent communicator. At Oxford he successfully transmitted his vision and pagan beliefs derived from Plato to his students. They in turn became many of the principal Masonic founding fathers of today’s Roundtable organizations and world leaders. Among Ruskin’s students was a wealthy young man, Cecil Rhodes.
Shortly after arriving at Oxford, Rhodes was initiated into Freemasonry at the Apollo University Lodge No. 357 on April 17, 1877. He was raised a Master Mason in the same lodge and joined a Scottish Rite lodge at Oxford called Prince Rose Croix Lodge No.30.
Soon Rhodes was so influenced by Ruskin, he drafted up a secret program for world domination by the British racial elite. To guarantee the funding from his vast wealth for his vision, Rhodes wrote in 1877 the first of seven wills that he composed over his lifetime. The first will called for the formation of a ‘secret society’ whose primary function would be focused on returning England to her former glory.
When the society was finally organized after his death, its membership consisted only of English Freemasons. ‘The Round Table’ as it was known, soon became the most powerful globalist appendage of the British Brotherhood.
In his third will Rhodes left his entire estate to Freemason Lord Nathan Rothschild as trustee. Rothschild appointed Freemason Lord Alfred Milner to head up the Secret Society for which Rhode’s first will made provision. Upon his appointment by Rothschild to chair Rhode’s secret society, Milner recruited a group of young men at Oxford and Tonybee Hall to assist him in organizing the administration of the new society. All were respected English Freemasons. Among them were Rudyard Kipling, H. G. Wells, Arthur Balfour, Lord Rothschild and some other key Oxford college graduates known as ‘Milner Kindergarten.’
In 1909 Milner’s Kindergarten with some other English Masons founded the Round Table. (Its name, of course, comes form King Arthur’s Round Table (founded by St. George, the apostate Protestant “Christianized” Roman Jupiter) preserved in the witchcraft of the Order of the Garter of which the British Sovereign is the head).
Three powerful global organizations were spawned by and became direct offshoots of the Round Table; the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA) founded in 1919 in London, the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) founded in 1921 in New York and the Institute of Pacific Relations (IPR) founded in 1925.

Rhodes Scholarships

Rhodes left part of his vast fortune to found the Rhodes Scholarships at Oxford University to train men for the Round Table network. Early members of the American Round Table were; Col. House, Paul Warburg, Benjamin Strong, Morgan, Rockefeller, Thomas W. Lamont (J.P. Morgan), George Louis Beer, Walter Lippmann, Frank Aydelotte, Whitney Shepardson, and Jerome D. Greene to name just a few.
Former Rhodes scholars, men who have received their education and indoctrination at Oxford University, England, now dominate the affairs of the communist UN, the United States Department of State and the entire global business and banking network.
By virtue of their indoctrination and training, virtually all Rhodes scholars are Masons and Fabian Socialists who secretly follow the teachings of Cecil Rhodes – who got his socialist ideas from John Ruskin – who in turn got his demonic inspiration directly from the early Gnostic writers and the Greek philosopher Plato – especially Plato’s Republic.
Plato dreamed of a world Republic ruled not by a President, but by a world “Philosopher King” – a man like himself of course! He would be a prince of royal birth, yet would not be honored as of hereditary right like a normal hereditary monarch. He would be chosen exclusively by the “will” of the people. He would be loved, worshipped and highly honored solely because of his great philosophic wisdom, knowledge, peace, compassion and self-sacrifice for his subjects.
In essence, the final world Gentile beast likened to a “beast with seven heads and ten horns” in Revelation 17, whose ten horns are ten literal kings (Revelation 17:12), is the prophetic representation of Plato’s Republic headed by ten “philosopher king” monarchs who will finally rule the world for a short period and ultimately burn the apostate Church with fire (Revelation. 17:16-1Cool.
This is what British Freemasonry and Fabian Socialism envisages. This is why the uniquely exclusive “British” system must first be abolished, before the final, New World Order UN/EU “global” 666 system can be fully implemented.
In early October 2004, Dr John Hood, a New Zealander, and previous vice-chancellor of Auckland University in New Zealand, became the first “outsider” to be appointed vice-chancellor of Oxford University in its 900 year history. He took control of the university initially for five years replacing Sir Colin Lucas. His job is to reform the university structure and bring it more into line with its New World Order mission.
Dr Hood previously gained a Mphil in management studies in the late 1970’s at the university where he attended as a Rhodes Scholar. Prior to becoming vice-chancellor of Auckland University, he spent 18 years as chairman and director of a number of major public and private companies in New Zealand and overseas.
Presently, Oxford University research receives £92 million alone per year from company sponsors and its technology transfer company and spin-out companies collectively are valued at over £2 billion.
In October 2004, New Zealand’s Waikato University vice-chancellor Bryan Gould announced plans for the new Parallel Development Program Scholarships. He said he hoped that these scholarships would eventually be recognized as New Zealand’s equivalent of the Rhodes Scholarships. This will decentralize and “regionalize” the scholarships program.
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